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            zaregistrována do České databanky rekordů Agentury   dosáhnout svého cíle. To je na sběratelství vzrušující a
            Dobrý den v Pelhřimově. Oficiální certifikát a zápis do   proto mu věnuji část volného času,“ říká o svém koníčku
            České knihy rekordů převzal z rukou Miroslava Marka,   Miroslav Karásek.
            šéfa Agentury Dobrý den, její  majitel  a  autor  8. září v
            Pelhřimově.   „Sběratel má stále hledat cesty, jak

            Newspapers from all countries Miroslav Karasek collects   a big filing cabinet. It contains around 900 pieces from
            newspapers from all over the world. As a journalist he   265 countries.Apart from a consistent computer record
            likes to observe their graphic design in different parts of   very helpful for the collector is also the latest Lexicon of
            our planet, reports, the newspaper photography,    the countries and a good atlas. These enable him to find
            specificity of writing in different countries and the ways of   out which countries and states just coming into existence
            advertisement arrangement. He regards the newspaper   are not represented in his collection yet. It is difficult to
            graphic art as a specific art of its own. He started his   come to a decision which of the collected newspapers
            extraordinery hobby in an unconspicuous way some 18   are the most valuable. Probably those that were edited in
            years ago. One of his friends brought some newspapers   countries only accessible with difficulties. This is why Mr.
            from Ghana to Kroměříž and gave them to him. Some   Karásek rates highly newspapers from Fiji, Nepal, Tibet,
            more then followed from China, Great Britain, Italy,   Pakistan, Kashmir, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone,
            Greece, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.He      Reunion, Djibouti, Togo, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Belize,
            examined and saved them.Thus both a new collector   Falkland, or the Mauritius island. Since the year 2000
            and a new kind of collecting were given birth. Some more   Miroslav Karásek has been a member of the prestige
            pieces were usually added when his friends arrived from   club Rarities Collecters Club in Prague. This club
            their journeys or holidays, but the collection did not   observes its members activities and awards their effort.
            increase very much till 1989. In the 90ies a real boom   In October 2006, the newspaper collection of the
            turned up. In particular the development of Internet was   Kroměříž collector was – after a thorough verification by
            of great help because since then Mr. Karásek has been   an indepenedent club member – awarded the title
            able to find all needed adresses of ambassadors and   Remarkable Collection. This honorouble mention is
            other representatives abroad on it. He has also entered a   proclaimed once in three years. „A collector should
            cooperation with several travel agencies which take their   constantly seek for ways how to achieve his aims. This is
            customers to exclusive countries. Mr. Karásek has his   a real thrill and this is why I dedicate some of my free time
            large collection sorted out and keeps it in files. Each   to it“, says Miroslav Karásek whenever he wants to
            continent has its own file and all these files have their   express his enthusiasm for his hobby.
            places in

            Bei meinem journalistischen Beruf reite ich ein    Ausstellungen aus meiner Zeitungen. Diese
            ungewoenliches Steckenpferd. Ich erbaue die        Präsentation  erweckte grosses Interesse der
            Sammlung der Zeitungen. Als Ziel habe ich mir gestellt,   Oeffentlichkeit sowie der ganzstaatlichen Medien.  Ich
            wenigstens eine Zeitung aus jedem von der          wurde zum Miglied des prestigen Klubs der
            Organisation Vereinigter Voelker anerkannten Staat zu   Kuriositätensammler in Prag ernannt.
            beschaffen, aber auch von einigen ausser der UNO   "Der Sammler soll stets den Weg suchen, wie sein Ziel
            existierten Ländern.                               zu erreichen".  Das macht dieses Hobby so reizend und
            Im Jahre 2009 wurde meine Sammlung ausländischer   deshalb widme ich ihm einen erheblichen Teil meiner
            Zeitungen als ein neuer tschechischer Rekord       Freizeit.
            anerkannt. Bisher veranstaltete ich auch drei
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